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LOGAREX Company Policy

The company vision „Intelligent Measuring for Each Customer“ can be fulfilled only by a prompt recognition and correct understanding of the customer’s demand and by a quick transmission of it into development issues and production practices. This incorporates a complex observation of defined properties of the product as the intelligent measuring gauge.

The company management builds a confidence of customers based on following principles:

  • By means of building and constant improving of the function company’s system, which includes the Quality Management System and Environment Management System, our customers, business partners and state authorities will receive the demanded level of confidence, we are able to fulfil permanently their requirements.
  • The company management undertakes, during the development and production, to observe all legal and other requirements and to protect the environment with an emphasis on increasing of customer’s comfort.
  • Using knowledges and experiences of all company’s employers and by targeted increasing of their qualification, we want to create assumptions for healthy development and steady prosperity of the company.
  • During the product’s development, we give priority to the prevention of errors’ occurrence against removal of their consequences, which contributes both to the fulfilment of the strategy of „intelligent measurement“ and to reducing of negative environmental impacts.
  • All employers are asked to be responsible for the quality of their work and to join the process of continuous improvement of quality level of processes, and of the observance of principles of environmental protection.
  • We will improve the attachment of our employers to the quality of work via training, instruction and consistent management.

At the same time, the company management undertakes to create suitable conditions and resources for the fulfilment of the company’s policy and further improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s system.

We will support all efforts of our employers to improve conditions for the quality assurance and requirements for the environmental protection.


10. 01. 2020

E-world energy & water fair 2020

LOGAREX Smart Metering, s.r.o. exhibits at the E-world energy & water 2020 international fair in Essen.

01. 10. 2019

European Utility Week Fair 2019

LOGAREX Smart Metering, s.r.o., exhibits at the European Utility Week 2019 fair in Paris.




- University degree - Electrical focus
- Experience required, experience with programming firmware to devices
- The required knowledge of the programming language C++
Place of work:
Hradec Králové


- Electrical education
- Knowledge of English
- Driving license. B
Place of work:
East Bohemia